What’s virtual reality without a little real-life sweat?

Kat VR is releasing an omnidirectional gaming treadmill for people who want to play virtual reality games while also getting their cardio in for the day.

The upcoming KAT Walk C 2 treadmill is a lot like the treadmill from the movie Ready Player One, which appears to have been a big influence. Like the movie version, the Walk C 2 has a harness that connects you to the treadmill so you can run and turn without losing balance.

The harness allows for a wide array of motion. You can crouch, lean forward, duck, strafe, and even jump. It’s also pretty fast and accurate with latency that is, according to Kat VR, less than 10 ms and distance accuracy of less than a millimeter. 

If you ever get too lazy to run or the distance is too long, the Walk C 2 has a cruise control mode, which lets your in-game character move in a straight line with little input. All you have to do is stick your foot out in front of you and it activates.

There’s also the Walk C 2 Plus model that adds haptic feedback where the footpad simulates walking on …read more

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