As if there weren’t enough people already trying to become multi-platform stars, soon they’ll all have to compete with ANA, a hyper-realistic virtual human from Krafton.

The company, which also makes the popular PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds battle royale game unveiled a pair of images of ANA on Wednesday. The stills feature only her head – or really just her face – but depict a pink-haired and somewhat playful person who looks as if she’s deeply interested in the next thing you have to say.

Eventually, we’ll see more of ANA, though. Krafton is promising that its virtual human will, as Krafton Head of the Creative Center Josh Seokjin Shin explained in a press release, “release an original music track and expand her scope of activity as an influencer into various areas across entertainment and esports.”

Based on the images, ANA does look real-ish. There are still issues around the teeth, too-perfect skin, and the plasticky-looking fingers lightly touching her face. Even so, the effect is, thanks to the inclusion of imperfections like faint pores, wrinkles, and tiny hairs on the skin, quite striking.

Even without a full-body image or motion video, there’s reason to believe that ANA could end up being something …read more

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