Sabrent has confirmed it is set to launch its first 16TB SATA enterprise SSD (and probably the only 2.5-inch one) during the summer. 

“Back [in December 2020] when this 16TB SSD was announced, shortly after, Phison found problems with the controller used and canceled the project,” a spokesperson told TechRadar Pro.

“The good news in the issues have been fixed and we expect to see engineering sample SSD’s very soon. So, in short, it will be produced soon, in the following months, if all goes well after testing the samples.”

16TB M.2? Not so fast

The drive will likely use Micron’s 96-layer QLC packages with a Phison E12S controller. We don’t know what the price will be, but given you can pick up an 8TB SSD from as little as $749 (Samsung 870 QVO from Amazon), we’d be unpleasantly surprised if Sabrent sells its 16TB mammoth drive for more than $1,500, below the $100/TB price point.

The target audience will be enterprises looking to replace old 2.5-inch hard disk drives that have hit a capacity ceiling. No new 5TB 2.5-inch laptop drives have been announced for the past few years; vendors like Seagate and WD have focused their efforts on 3.5-inch models, …read more

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