One issue we mentioned in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review was that its price was too high, and it’s hard not to see the issue for the standard Watch 4 too which is only a little cheaper – but it sounds like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could cost even more.

This comes from reliable leaker Roland Quandt, who listed some leaked prices for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 models – this includes both size versions of the standard device as well as the single size for the rumored Pro version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch540mm BT ~300 Euro40mm LTE ~ 350 EuroPink Gold, Gray, Silver44mm BT ~350 Euro44mm LTE ~400 EuroBlue, Gray, SilverWatch5 Pro45mm BT ~490 Euro45mm LTE ~540 EuroBlack, Titanium*price conversion and taxes may make numbers differ from actual MSRP.June 22, 2022

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As this headline suggests, these prices are all higher than the equivalents in the Galaxy Watch 4 series, roughly by €30-€50. That’s a price increase that’ll likely get reflected in prices for other regions too.

Increasing the price is an odd move from Samsung, given the price of the Watch 4 devices, and we can’t help but feel that this move would be …read more

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