We were expecting iPadOS 16 to land in finished form in September, alongside iOS 16, but while the latter probably will land in September, sources now claim that iPadOS 16 has been pushed back to October.

This is according to according to “people with knowledge of the matter” speaking to Bloomberg, who claim that the delay is at least in part because iPadOS 16 is so ambitious, and could benefit from the extra development time.

Key to this update is Stage Manager, a feature which is already available in beta versions of the software, and which aims to transform multitasking on iPads, with the goal of improving productivity and bringing the tablets closer in functionality to a Mac. So it’s a big change, and something Apple isn’t including in iOS 16, so the iPhone software likely needs less work.

But that’s not the only reason put forward for the delay. Apparently, it would also allow Apple to focus more on iOS 16 in the coming weeks, so even though that might be in less need of extra attention, both operating system updates could receive more attention as a result of this delay.

Plus, this delay would reportedly also mean that …read more

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