Microsoft is bringing pin-protected printing to its Windows 10 operating system – a feature that actually premiered on Windows 11.

The tech giant has a “scoped set of features” that it plans to bring over from Windows 11 in order to make bridging over from Windows 10 more natural, which are due to be shared between the operating systems in the near future.

In an effort to avoid duplicate printouts, especially in busy offices and workplaces, Windows 11 (and now Windows 10) users are able to set a pin on their computer. The file(s) will only be printed once this pin is inputted into the printer.

Pin-protected printing on Windows 10

The move isn’t just linked to increased security and privacy, but in an environmentally conscious age, it should also drive down paper waste.

Enterprise customers are also getting a printing-related feature bridged over to Windows 10: the Print Support App is designed to support new features and for workplaces to print workflows to the print experience without needing to install additional drivers.

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