Apple Music iOS 16 playlist sorting feature

A new sorting feature that arrived with iOS 16 gives users a range of options for sorting playlists. (Image credit: Future)

Playlist sorting 

Another useful feature that has been added to Apple Music with iOS 16 is playlist sorting. Previously, playlists created in the app reflected the order in which tracks were added to it:  first track first, last track last. Now, hitting the three dots button at the top of the Apple Music screen in Playlist view calls up a Sort control with Title, Artist, Album, and Release Date options. Oh yeah, and there’s also an option to revert back to your original playlist order.

Why is sorting playlists important? I have a massive playlist that I created in the early days of the pandemic when there was suddenly time to do such things. It’s basically the soundtrack to my life and reflects the music that was most important to me at various stages from childhood to the present. After upgrading to iOS 16, I immediately thought of a use for the new sorting feature, which would let me listen to those tracks in chronological order. That’s  something I had previously wanted to do, but then found myself without the time (or will) to reorder the tracks in a new playlist. 

Another iOS 16 audio change

While there are multiple other updates to Apple Music, they’re almost too inconsequential to mention. But there’s one overlooked iOS 16 audio update I feel is worth pointing out, mainly because it’s something I’m certain to make use of. When you ask Siri voice control to tell you the name of a song that’s playing, that info now syncs with the Shazam music recognition app. Not only that, but it also syncs with Music Recognition in the iOS Control Center, so you can quickly access a list of songs you’ve searched via either means by pressing that icon.

Yet again, not a game-changing update, but a thoughtful and meaningful one from Apple.

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