Cybercriminals are targeting businesspeople with an elaborate phishing attack aimed at stealing sensitive data, including credit card and other payment information, researchers have found. 

The attack also abuses a premium LinkedIn feature called Smart Link, which allows users of the social media site to send more than a dozen documents via a single link.

Not only is it more convenient, but it also allows the sender to keep track of how many people opened the link and files inside, how much time they spent with each file, etc. What’s more, Smart Link allows users to redirect the recipients elsewhere.

Sharing key data

Researchers from Cofense discovered the attackers would send a phishing email pretending to be from Slovenská pošta, the Slovakian national postal service. The email would state that the recipient needs to pay a little extra to be able to receive a pending parcel. As usual, the email carries a “confirm” button, which is the LinkedIn Smart Link URL, and which redirects victims to the phishing page. 

What makes this attack vector particularly dangerous is the fact that Smart Link is a legitimate feature and does not get flagged by email security products. When the victims click the button, …read more

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