Google is one step closer to establishing a fitness empire as its Health Connect platform enters public beta.

A collaboration between Google and Samsung, Health Connect first appeared in May with the aim of, according to the developer team, offering better insight into a person’s health via a platform that aggregates health data from multiple sources into one location. To facilitate this, Google is also standardizing data sharing so fitness apps can talk to one another more easily. In this way, third-party developers are no longer forced to establish and maintain multiple API connections for their apps.

For now, Health Connect only works with 10 health and fitness apps including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Peloton, Oura, and Tonal. You can download the beta app right now from the Google Play Store, but there won’t be an app icon on the home screen. To open it, you’ll have to locate Health Connect in your Android phone’s Settings menu. 


Upon launching the platform, you’ll be asked to allow the supported third-party apps to open their fitness data to Health Connect. There are also granular controls for fine-tuning what each health app shares. In our tests, we connected the Peloton app …read more

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