Founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has shared his vision of its future, and he hopes it could be even better than current Web3 speculations.

Initially created as an online collaboration, communication, and data sharing platform tool for scientists, the first website was created for researchers at CERN, and established the standards still used today, like URLs, HTTP and HTML.

The Internet hit the public as it entered the Web2 stage, which paved the way for apps and mobile platforms. It also saw the introduction of the cloud which underpins many of today’s computing activities.

Web3 and Solid

Berners-Lee is now working on a new data sharing standard, called Solid, which is set to gain support for identity management tools such as global single sign-on (SSO), global access control, and people-centric universal APIs.

Solid is set to challenge the idea that revenue for the web should primarily come from advertising, instead placing an emphasis on privacy. The idea is that users can share their data in interoperable, decentralized data stores called ‘Pods’. 

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