Cybercriminals are hacking Google Looker Studio to place their malicious websites high on the search engine’s results pages, promoting spam, pirated content, and torrents. 

The campaign uses a technique known as SEO poisoning. This method uses legitimate website copy and fills it with links leading to these malicious sites. In the eyes of Google’s search engine algorithm, the links give the spam sites enough credibility for the tool to rank them high for specific keywords.

This specific attack uses Google’s subdomain. 

Fake blockbuster movie downloads

BleepingComputer says it found multiple pages of Google search results “flooded with links”, after being tipped off by a concerned reader. The links don’t lead to an actual Google Data Studio project, but rather to websites hosting pirated content, such as current blockbuster movies (Black Adam, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and similar). 

Before actually landing on these pages, the victims will first be redirected a couple of times, as well.

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