Intel has officially launched its pay-as-you-go CPU platform that will see system administrators paying to activate select accelerators.

The new Intel On Demand software-defined silicon (SDSi) service is expected to reduce the amount of hardware sent out by the company while allowing clients to upgrade their machines virtually.

The program will likely use the company’s fourth-generation Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids processors which following a number of delays, are expected to finally launch in early 2023.

Intel On Demand

Intel says the program will allow companies to reduce their investments in chips that delivery performance that they would not normally need, and will see Intel activating certain features on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis.

Tom’s Hardware reports that Intel wants to make Software Guard Extensions, Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB), Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA), Intel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator (IAA), Intel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator, and Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) all available on-demand under this scheme.

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Because there has been no official announcement on the matter, pricing for Intel On Demand is yet to …read more

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