Yamaha YH-5000SE on stand

Yamaha is going back to its high-end headphone roots after announcing a new set of top-of-the-line headphones featuring planar magnetic technology.

The new YH-5000SE are the first set of cans from the Japanese brand to feature orthodynamic drivers (Yamaha’s take on planar magnetic tech) for more than 30 years.

The premium over-ears also feature a magnesium body, with Yamaha claiming the YH-5000SE are “one of the lightest, high-end headphones in the world” at just 320g.

As the SE in its name suggests the YH-5000SE are being released as ‘special edition’ and come complete with an eye-popping $5,700 / £4,799 / AU$7,499 asking price, 

A slightly cheaper version looks set to follow, with Australian dealers already stocking a non-special edition variant without some of the accessories that come with the limited edition YH-5000SE, which is priced at a still prohibitive AU$5,999.

Those added extras in the box include both synthetic leather and suede earpads, two types of silver-coated cables (3.5 mm and 4.4 mm) plus a nifty-looking stand. 

An optional XLR cable (the HXC-SC020) which doesn’t come bundled in will meanwhile set you back a hefty $900 / £749 / AU$1350.

Orthodynamic or planar magnetic headphones work in a similar way to the more common dynamic driver headphones that currently dominate the market by …read more

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