An angled, close-up view of the right quarter of a mechanical keyboard sitting atop a desk mat. The mat has a neat cube-like pattern made out of evenly spaced gray lines on a white background.

These sub-$25 items, like this cleanly designed desk mat from KBDFans, make for some very nice gifts. | Image: KBDFans

Wanting to treat a friend or a loved one to some tech or a cool gadget while on a very lean budget can feel like an impossible task. Most of the everyday devices we use cost multiple hundreds of dollars, so what do you get when you just want a nice birthday or “just because” kind of gift but can’t break the bank? Sure, you can default to something basic like socks or a scarf, but that gets boring quick.

Here, we’ve assembled a bunch of cool tech ideas on a budget of just $25 that are worth your money, including a dual headphone stand ($19.99), a quality USB-C charging cable ($9.99), and other essentials. That may not sound very exciting at first, but when that cable is 10 feet long and sustains 100 watts of power — which is enough to…

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Source:: Theverge – Tech


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