According to a new 9To5Google report, Google is working on a way to combine a number of its search technologies and possibly even AI into a new tool that’s been dubbed ‘Search Companion’.

It is said to leverage Lens, which allows users to search the Internet with image inputs rather than text, in order to pull more context from a web page.

Speculation suggests that a new Search Companion window may be housed in a sidebar in the company’s popular web browser, which accounts for two-thirds (66%) of all desktop browsing sessions (via Statcounter).

Google Chrome Search Companion

Taking a look at the code, it seems that Search Companion will be able to pinpoint certain types of data about a web page such as its title and other types of metadata to determine what it is you’re looking at.

It will also use Lens to scan for images on the page to add more context to the information it collects.

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