A new version of a stripped-back Windows 10 installation has been made available, and it might be suitable for those running low-powered PCs who couldn’t otherwise get the OS on their computer.

Apparently this will be the final incarnation of Tiny10, which is being shelved in favor of the recently launched Tiny11, the latter being the same idea – a tiny installation of Windows 11 (hence the name).

If you have a truly old computer, some good news: tiny10 2303 x86 is now available! This new release is mainly aimed at bringing the functionality of tiny10 in line with that of tiny11 in one main area: serviceability. pic.twitter.com/IeAXDGplRDMarch 11, 2023

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What these products consist of is a modified Windows ISO with a whole load of bloat removed, keeping just the core essentials of Microsoft’s operating system, with all that streamlining meaning it can run on a lesser spec PC as mentioned. Indeed, Tiny10 has been designed to work on a “truly old computer” according to the developer, officially requiring only 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

The new version, taking its final bow as the curtain falls on it for good, makes some useful changes to …read more

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