Plenty of new games were unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase on Thursday (24 May), but the real excitement was to be found in 12 minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 footage that showed off a new villain – Kraven the Hunter – and a whole new look for Peter Parker, the hero of the first game. 

The new footage starts with a reveal of Kraven the Hunter, who has targeted the superheroes and villains of Manhattan for his latest hunt. There’s nothing else from him beyond a bit of character work, but it’s clear that Kraven’s Hunters – a faction named after the man himself – will be a serious threat in the game. 

This is shown in the next segment, as Peter Parker is trying to keep The Lizard safe from them. It’s our first look at Parker in his new suit and the white and black styling will look familiar to even the most casual fans of the character. Why? Well, it’s comprised of the alien symbiote that bonds with Peter Parker during the Secret Wars comic series. 

Take a look in the trailer below, before we lay out what that could mean for the webhead. 

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