In a recent interview, Final Fantasy 16 writer and senior translator Michael-Christopher Koji Fox offered fresh insight into the upcoming RPG from Square Enix. 

Speaking about the game’s lore and development process, Fox made it clear that “there’ll be a lot of very bad puns in the quest names and achievement names”. However, the Final Fantasy 16 developer also had a lot to say about the more substantial ins and outs of the game’s story. 

In an interview with Game Informer, Fox made it clear that “we want to give players a lot of the lore just through playing the game; not just lore dumps. We didn’t want to have instances where players were just going into a cutscene with one [character] just talking at you for five minutes telling you everything you need to know.”

Fox and co. “wanted to tell the story through the cutscenes, through what’s going on [and to] imply a lot of things through the dialogue [which is] a lot more focused, implying more things rather than just telling them directly.”       

Releasing for PS5 on June 22, Final Fantasy 16 comes as the latest in the long line of Square Enix’s world-renowned series of …read more

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