You know all those calls you’ve been getting on your home and mobile phones telling you you owe money, there’s a package that went missing, or maybe you’re about to be arrested? Those are dangerous spam calls and, if the majority of US States Attorney Generals are right, many of them are coming through one company: Avid Telecom.

The AP reported on Thursday (May 25, 2023), that 51 Attorneys General filed a 141-page lawsuit against Avid Telecom. Founded in 2001, Avid Telecom offers termination services that allow companies to buy toll-free numbers in bulk and automatically route the calls to the numbers of their choice.

According to the suit, which was filed in the US District Court in Phoenix, Arizona, Avid Telecom used spoofed and invalid caller ID numbers to make billions of calls to those on Do Not Call lists. In other words, the numbers you see on your phone are not the originating caller numbers. More worrisome, though, the suit alleges Avid Telecom made millions of calls designed to look as if they were coming from law enforcement and government agencies. (“Hello, this is the CIA calling…”)

So many bad calls (and texts)

The fallout from these calls (and texts) …read more

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